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even when TEMPEST: Trapped by time, destiny, and love, inside a realm tormented by rampant witch trials, a tragedy unfolds.

Empowered to control time via dying, Anastasia, the protagonist, immolates herself to defend her beloved and enact poignant vengeance.

Regardless of her noble lineage, Anastasia faces relentless bodily and emotional abuse from her stepmother.

But even the solace she discovers is cruelly stolen by a trusted particular person.

Whereas ablaze, Anastasia positive aspects the unsettling “Deadly Rewind” energy.

“Decided to grow to be my finest self this time.”

Engraving this pledge, she embarks on a contemporary journey, unaware of the approaching adversity.

The Carnival begins, marking the witch trial’s fruits.

Two modes propel the narrative.

1) Inquiry
Root out the wrongdoer lured by the witch’s attract.
Allocate time astutely throughout partnership-based investigations.

2) Judgment
Confront the offender in a witch trial—be it an harmless accused, a good choose, and even the executioner.
Sacrificing family members to protect them, triumph requires robust selections inside the trials.

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Launch Date June 9, 2022
Genre Journey
Publisher & Developer Voltage
System Nintendo Switch
Image format NSP
Game model 1.0.8
Language English, Japanese
Required firmware 17.0.0
Multiplayer Single System (1)
Age ranking Teen
Supported play modes TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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  • even when TEMPEST NSP ROM
  • Dimension: 3.66GB
  • even when TEMPEST NSP Update (v1.0.8)
  • Dimension: 1.07GB

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